Implement Digital Forms in your Beauty Business

in less than one day

so you can stop the stress and overwhelm of client DMs and Text Messages, create clear boundaries and implement policies to protect your business.

If you’re a salon owner, independent stylist or beauty professional looking to create boundaries in your business while still having clear communication with your clients then you already know that you need to have digital forms.

I get it... the beauty industry is extremely powerful and we have the ability to change lives just by utilizing our cosmetology license. But what school never prepared us for is the texts at midnight or the new clients who book an appointment and have completely unrealistic expectations.

You know the ones I'm talking about, the clients who book for an all-over color and come in with years of black box dye and want to be blonde in 90 minutes on a $75 budget. And the worst part is, we try to deliver because we just want to make our clients happy. It's crazy, I know but we've ALL experienced this and I want to let you know that it's possible to take control of your business by implementing a few simple policies.

By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • A clear communication system that creates boundaries in your business

    Regain freedom in your life by utilizing digital forms so clients apply to sit in your chair
  • An application process for your new clients

    I like to call it a pre-consultation form, but in reality I'm pre-screening potential clients
  • New clients who you feel you can best serve

    Gone are the days of allowing any guest willing to pay to sit in your chair
  • Implemented digital forms in your business

    I've got you covered with ready-to-use, completely customizable digital forms that you can import instantly
  • A system for clients to sign-off on your policies

    Clients can no longer say they weren't aware of your cancellation or no-show policy... not only will I teach you how to make your clients sign off on policies, I'll also share mine with you
  • A new outlook on texting clients

    Did you know that there are texting services that allow you to set up auto-replies, which means you only have to respond during designated business hours? The best part... you don't need a second phone to accomplish this!

"I cannot believe how easy this was to implement. You literally covered everything from start to finish. Technology isn't a strength of mine, so having step-by-step tutorials was a game-changer for me. I can't even begin to imagine how many hours this would have taken me to figure out on my own. And the fact that I could just import all of the forms, make a few adjustments and start using them made it worth every penny. I can't say thank you enough."


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The what, why and how Digital Forms can not only completely transform your business, but also protect it

Ready to import, completely customizable templates that you can start using immediately

A completely new look on texting that will help you set boundaries with clients and never miss a message again 

What’s Inside The Digital Beauty Professional: Online Forms 


Module 1

Digital Forms Overview

In this lesson, you'll learn why it is so important to have digital forms in your business. Imagine how different your career would be if you were able to ask new clients all about their hair history, have photos of their current hair + inspiration hair and a clear understanding of their expectations before ever even speaking to them... sounds like a dream, right? Digital forms makes all of this possible.

Module Highlights:

Digital Forms help you create systems that do all the hard work for you. In this module you'll learn how digital forms help you...

  • Create and Protect Boundaries
  • Protect Your Business
  • Accept Target Market Clients Only
  • Create Freedom in Your Life and Decrease Stress
Module 2

All Things Jotform

In this module, I'm going to teach you everything you need to know about Jotform, my favorite online digital form platform.

Module Highlights:

Lets overview all things Jotform so you can use digital forms efficiently AND customize them to match your branding. In this lesson, you'll learn...

  • How to Import and Customize Forms
  • How to Set Up Notifications, Share snd Embed Your Form
  • How to View Submissions + The Jotform App
  • Jotform Alternatives
Module 3

Digital Form Templates

These forms have completely changed my business and my life. I've done all of the hard work for you, and all you have to do is import my forms into your own Jotform account. It only Takes seconds, and then you can customize each for to make it match your branding and exactly the questions you need to ask your guests.

Module Highlights:

In this less, you'll gain access to...

  • Guest Intake + Policies Form
  • Digital Color Consultation Form - Short
  • Digital Color Consultation Form - Long
  • Appointment Request Form
  • Existing Guest Inquiry Form
  • Bonus PDF Intake Form: Customizable Canva Template

Texting Clients Effectively

What if I told you texting your clients could be a complete blessing in your business? Let's be real here, email communication isn't always the easiest with clients. To text effectively, you don't need a second phone and you certainly won't be receiving notifications at unwanted hours. You might not agree with me, but I think clients should be able to reach out to you about an appt at any time. Hear me out, you may have a client that works midnights and her lunch break is at 2am... that's when she remembers she needs an appointment and sends you a message. My secret here is an autoresponder that either redirects her to one of your newly created forms OR your online booking if she's an existing client. During your office hours, you'll check your app and see her message and it'll give you the opportunity to check if she's booked or filled out your form. It's that simple, and I'll share all of my secrets in this bonus.

Module Highlights:

Please note, we're never giving clients our actual number, but texting your existing clients is the easiest way to communicate. In this bonus, I'm sharing all the details on...

  • The best app to text your clients
  • Scripted/saved replies
  • Auto-replies
  • No notifications
  • Broadcast texts

When you enroll during this special, limited time period,

you’ll get:


The Digital Beauty Pro: Online Forms
(A $784 Value)


  • 3 Easy-to-Implement Modules

    We spend so much time going back and forth with clients through DMs and texts during times we should be with our family, friends and self. In this course, we'll eliminate this overwhelm and start implementing processes that...

  • Decrease stress

    Let's set office hours a few days a week where we reply to clients. No more getting angry at late-night texts or random DMs
  • Create boundaries

    I get it... we truly just care about our clients and making them happy, but it's not our job to be available 24/7. With these simple systems, we let automation tell our clients when we'll be in touch. As long as you reply within your promised time frame, you're good to go!
  • Accept Target Market Clients Only

    At the end of the day, we don't want to accept new guests into our business when we can't perform the service they need. Essentially, digital forms are a type of application that allow us to pre-screen our clients and make sure we're the perfect fit for each other.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Digital Beauty Pro: Online Forms - $784 Value

  • Bonus Texting Clients Effectively - $199 Value

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $983

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

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I can’t wait for you to join The Digital Beauty Pro: Online Forms

Here's the deal, I've been in your shoes. Phone dings at 2am and wakes me up. It's a client wanting in ASAP because she forgot to schedule before the wedding she's in on Saturday. I'm angry and stay late on Thursday because I "couldn't" afford to lose her, and the next two days I'm in a bad mood because I'm mad I have to miss my niece's softball game. Then she has the audacity to show up 15 minutes late with an ice cold Starbucks coffee in her hand. I'm hungry, exhausted and completely defeated by the time I get home and I take it out on my family. It's an ongoing fight in the house because I can't stick to my schedule.

I absolutely loved my career, but knew something had to change before I left the industry completely. I created online forms as a "first step" for clients to request an appointment. Email was never a great way for me to have direct communication with my clients, and I'll do anything to avoid a phone call. I found an automated texting service that allowed me to quickly and efficiently text my clients, but never disturb my "off" time. And here's a secret... it's an app on my phone, so no extra phone to worry about.

Between digital forms and an automated texting system, I feel in complete control of my business. I redirect new clients to my online forms and only reply to clients during scheduled office hours. The system has been so successful in my salon, I decided to share it with the beauty industry. 

If you're ready to take control of your business and regain your freedom, I invite you to join The Digital Beauty Professional Online Forms.

Angie Mamone

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